Hi! I'm Lizz Adams!

So it's ANOTHER beauty blog, why should you care? Well, a little background on me, I'm an actress and model living in Los Angeles. So naturally, I'm obsessed with myself, more specifically, I'm obsessed with how I look. I feel ok admitting this, most of us are.

Through the years, my slight interest in makeup and beauty turned to a full on addiction, and after getting my makeup done by dozens of professional makeup artists I realized I'm actually pretty good at this stuff.


One thing I've noticed in beauty blogs and sites I've followed is that there's a steep learning curve to learning how to do your makeup.

A friend encouraged me to start this blog and said she's always had an interest in makeup, but just doesn't know where to start.

So that's what I wanted to create. A place to start. 

Beauty and fashion shouldn't just be made accessible to highly skilled makeup artists who have tons of time and money. 

My goal is to share some of my favorite beauty and fashion tips and make it easy and affordable to people of every background. Rich, poor, black, white, binary, non-binary, I am going to try to make this a super inclusive and safe space where we sit around in our pjs, crack open a bottle of rosé and let's TELL SOME SECRETS.

So thank you for coming and please let me know what kind of content you are most interested in seeing!