The Pill Club

Recently, the doctor I'd been seeing in Los Angeles closed their doors abruptly, so I panicked a little bit, knowing I'd have to scramble to find ANOTHER new doctor to schedule a pap with so they could quickly write me a prescription so my use of birth control wouldn't be interrupted.

Birth control can be maddeningly difficult to access, even for someone with health insurance. I have been on the pill as a form of birth control for over a decade and have moved to different states and cities throughout the years, had to find new doctors to write me prescriptions, and battled with insurance companies over how to access my birth control.

The Pill Club Birth Control

Now, if you live in California, you may have heard that pharmacists are now legally allowed to dispense birth control pills to you without a doctor's prescription, which, for someone like me who has no major health issues and has been monogamous for the last 100 years, is a godsend. I searched around town to see which pharmacies had been trained in the new law, and a friend recommended The Pill Club. 

I've never had such an easy time getting my birth control. I just had just fill out a simple medical questionnaire and provide some details about myself, texted a little bit with a specialist to confirm my details and health insurance info, and boom, a cute little care package with my birth control, Plan B, essential oils, and some chocolate arrived at my door a week later. 

I can't tell you how much stress this has taken off my back, and how relieved I was that I didn't have to interrupt my birth control schedule to get a new prescription. This obviously doesn't replace good medical care by your OBGYN or General Practitioner doctor, but if you're on the pill and know how your body reacts to it, The Pill Club was a Godsend for me. 

I'm not being paid to write this or anything either, I genuinely just found this service so helpful and easy.  If you dread having to deal with the doctors and your insurance company, I highly recommend you check this service out!

Find out more about The Pill Club here on their website, and let me know if you try it how you like it!