Skin Care Routine to Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles with MD Complete

We all deal with different skin problems, and as we age, our skin needs change too! My skin is on the dryer side, and lately I’ve been noticing fine lines around my mouth and eyes. I’m a lot older than I look, and I plan on keeping it that way!

MDCompleteSkin Wrinkle and Vitamin C Retinol

MD Complete sent me a few products to try and I’ve been using the Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy, Eye Wrinkle Corrector, and Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate for the past couple weeks and have noticed an overall more firm and bright tone to my skin.

MD Complete Skincare Routine Wrinkle and Retinol Vitamin C

They sent this handy schedule along with the product so I know when to use each product and how to ease my skin into my new routine. The products are highly concentrated, so putting it all on my skin every day is probably too much. 

It will take a couple months to see a more dramatic difference, but I definitely plan on doing a before and after comparison for you all! If you want to check these products out, you can get them here at the MD Complete Skin website!

What are your favorite products for fighting wrinkles and keeping your skin radiant? Let me know in the comments below!